The World Holocaust Remembrance Day

A Winner in the Poster Design Competition

Client: Yad Vashem - The World Holocaust Remembrance Center


This year, our studio won first prize in the “Designing Memory” competition for Holocaust Remembrance Day posters. Every year, Yad Vashem invites contemporary Israeli artists to express a wide range of meanings related to the Holocaust through visual language. The competition this year focused on the theme: “See, there were communities and they are no longer: the Jewish community and its destruction”.

More information is in the link on the Yad Vashem website.




The poster depicts a town, representing the Jewish community’s location, with the composition resembling a tree of life growing upwards, symbolizing its nostalgic existence as a memory for the Jewish people. Hollowed-out houses signify the absence of community members, highlighting the void left by their destruction. This poignant visual simultaneously expresses the human story of loss and the eternal impact of the community’s devastation, intersecting with contemporary Jewish creation to emphasize the relentless pursuit of Jewish heritage amidst attempts at destruction.

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