Echoes of the Soul

During these tough times, Citykat Stories would like to send a message of strength and hope to those affected, both mentally or physically. Please check out our updating poster series, and download them all for free.

Four Seasons Collection Cover

Four Seasons

"Four Seasons: A Floral Journey" is a small collection of art prints that illustrates the multifaceted beauty of womanhood and the ever-changing cycle of the seasons. Each art piece is dedicated to a specific month, embodying the essence of the seasons.


Into the Jungle

Introducing CityKat Stories' series of mixed media jungle-themed Art Prints, Using vntage papers, each ripped by hand. Transform your little one’s nursery or bedroom into a captivating jungle oasis with this colorful set of digital Art Prints. The prints, designed around a jungle theme, are perfect for creating a safari-inspired ambiance in any room. Let the vibrant colors and adorable illustrations of jungle animals transport your child to a world of adventure and exploration, and infuse their mind with creativity and imagination.

Israelis cities from A to Z

Travel is all about embarking on new adventures, discovering new and hidden corners of the world, and connecting with local people along the way. With this collection, we matched famous places in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with Hebrew letters, so you can learn and recognize them easily, creating both an aesthetically pleasing and educational product that will help you get to know your next travel destination better!

Magic Garden Collection Cover

Magic Garden

Our 'Magic Garden' collection offers an array of vibrant and fresh vegetable illustrations, that bring an abundance of color and endearing simplicity to your living spaces, creating a harmonious and lively atmosphere that is sure to captivate and inspire those around.


Tel Aviv vs. Jerusalem

When you think of Israel, you think of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. But which one's better? and what are their differences? explore our witty collection, "Tel Aviv vs. Jerusalem", to gain insight into the playful rivalry of Israel's two biggest cities, and decide for yourself. From modes of transportation to culinary delights, from fashion to cultural influences, discover the plethora of differences, and at times similarities, of the two cities with us.

Tel Aviv White City Collection Cover

Tel Aviv White City

Did you know that in the 1930s, over 4,000 Bauhaus-style buildings were built in Tel Aviv? Known as the White City, Tel Aviv has the world's highest concentration of these Bauhaus-style structures, that today make Tel Aviv an architecturally fascinating and remarkable travel destination. Citykat Stories presents a collection of unique illustrations capturing this urban wonder.

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