Tel Aviv City Stories Postcard Bundle (10 Kits)

9 Postcard Bundle

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    Collection of 9 postcards to decorate with, or send to your friends. Contains short descriptions on back. All original illustrations of Citykat Stories.

    • 10 x 15 cm | 3.9″ x 5.9″
    • Set of 18 postcards
    • Printed in black and white on off-white paper
    • Printed in Israel
    SKU: 8721-1-1

    Order pickup at the Ira Ginzburg Studio & CityKat Stories  is only available by appointment.

    Please contact us at email or phone:
    +972 544862940

    Shipping takes 5-7 days in Israel, 14-21 days Internationally.

    Email for help:

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